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Floor Tile Estimate

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Tiles come in many shapes and sizes. Tiles can also be applied to the walls and back splash areas in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Prices for tile install can vary. Tiles all by themselves can be $1 to $40 dollars per square foot. Before you install one tile you have to remove the areas and demo out the application area.

Once your area is clean you install the back board ¼ in or ¾ in to be screwed to the subfloor. The backer board should be level and screwed down to the floor with the joint lines either taped with joint tape or you can mud/thin set covered- it will allow the underlayment joints to stay strong and level as you walk on the tile.

Tiles should be taken out of the box and mixed up to ensure that you get an color blend. You don’t want areas of the tile floor to look blotchy after they have been set to the floor. You need a trowel to spread the thin set. Then lay the tile down evenly spaced. The spacer will be used according to your taste. The door molding should be cut so the tile is under the molding and even with the other tiles.

Once the floor is finished you can Grout. Grout colors vary but the application starts with mixing the water to grout powder ratio. You should have a Grout float to push the grout in between the joints. Its a very dirty job. Once the grout has dried a little while- it will start to haze slightly-Do Not Wait Too Long- Wipe away the excess and spot check for uneven places.

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