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Shoe Molding

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With the base shoe or shoe molding you will find that it is a shock resistant baseboard and stronger then pine wood. With a shoe molding the molding is humidity resistant which a great benefit.

Let The Remodeling Guru help you with your project. We will insure your molding job is professional and that it will also meet the needs and design of your home!


How to Calculate a Linear Foot

Measure the total length of the wood that will be used for the project. For a wood project, linear feet is equal to the total length of the materials being used. To do this properly, line up all of the pieces of wood needed and use a measuring tape to determine the total length.

Record the amount of linear feet needed for the project. Remember, the width or thickness of the wood does not come into play when measuring linear feet. For example, if you have a wooden board measuring 8-by-8-by-12 inches, the board measures 12 linear feet

Determine the total amount of wood that will be needed to complete your home improvement or carpentry project. It is extremely important to have all of the pieces of wood that are needed on hand or the calculation will not be accurate. Perform a thorough estimate of the project before going to purchase the wood. Always purchase two to three extra pieces of wood for a project in case a piece becomes damaged or is cut incorrectly during the building process

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_5949811_calculate-linear-foot.html


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